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Great Tire Washing Machine from MobyDick

For construction sites, clumps and stones are common to find. These are also found on the construction vehicles, especially the trucks that have high mobility in delivering the materials. Because of its mobility, it is possible that the road around the construction may become dirty due to the construction material brought by the wheels or tires of the vehicles. This can create public issues since some people may deliver some complaints. In this condition, the contractor should have tire washing technology to prevent the problems.

tire washing

Great Tire Washing Technology

Washing the tire becomes the necessary process when the vehicles are going to leave the construction site. In this case, the contractor may choose to do the washing process manually. However, this will not be effective since there should be manpower to handle the jobs. Moreover, the consumption of water can be quite high when it is not managed properly. In this case, it is better to use the washing technology to wash and clean the tires. As for recommendation, MobyDick can become good choice when it comes to the technology for washing the tires. The manufacturer develops excellent technology that can make the washing process run effectively, so the vehicles can be free from the dirt or clumps from the construction. The good news is that it is designed so it will not require high energy. It utilizes the combination of high volume of water and low pressure, so it can clean effectively without consuming much energy.

Washing Technology with Recycling System

Water supply may become serious issues for the washing technology. However, this will not be big problem for the ones developed by MobyDick. The washing process later will also have function to rinse and bring the water and all clumps to the recycling process. In this case, the water from the washing process will not be wasted. They are recycled and the water will be stored in dedicated tank. By doing this way, it can cut the consumption of water, and it is good way to safe water and energy consumption in pumping the water. With the combination of its washing technology and the recycling procedure, MobyDick is able to provide advanced washing machine with great effectiveness.