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The Secret of Successful T Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is an easy way to get your message seen, but it’s not as simple as just picking out a design and sending it off. You’ll need to know what kind of printer you want, what material is best for the job, and how many shirts you can print at once. Thankfully, this article will help guide you through all of that so that your t-shirts sell like hotcakes!

Know the difference between spot color and full color printing

When considering your design and printing options, you should know the difference between spot color and full-color printing. Spot color is when a single color is used in a design. Full color t shirt printing Malaysia involves multiple colors being used in a design.

Spot color printing is more expensive than full color because it requires different plates for each ink that’s used in the print process one for each spot color but it allows for some really cool effects like metallic ink (which has more depth and metallic sheen) and varnishes to make your image look like it’s on canvas or metal.

Choose the right material

When you are designing your own t-shirts, you have to consider what material will work best for your design. There are three main types of materials that can be used in apparel: cotton, polyester and rayon. Cotton is the most popular material because it is soft, breathable and absorbs moisture from the skin easily. It also has a nice texture that feels good against the skin when wearing it close-fitting clothes such as T shirts or pants.

Polyester (or poly) is more durable than cotton but does not absorb moisture as well so people who sweat a lot should choose this type of material for their shirts instead of making them out of cotton or rayon fibers which don’t absorb sweat very well at all!

Rayon fabric looks great on its own since it’s so shiny, but some people don’t like how smooth it feels against their bare skin, so they prefer polyester instead because they get better results with printing onto this type instead.”

Think of your t-shirts as more than just clothing

A great example of how successful t shirt printing is done is the initiative by some students from the University of Notre Dame who created shirts with their university’s logo on them in order to help raise money for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The project was so popular that it eventually turned into an official partnership between the school’s athletic department and Feeding America Midwest Food Bank (FAFM). The project sold over 10,000 shirts with all proceeds going towards providing food and water supplies for those affected by Hurricane Maria, who still need our help today!


Instead of wasting time and money on T-shirt printing, it is better to hire a professional. There are many companies that offer services related to this field, but only a few can offer the best services in their respective fields. You need not worry about the quality of their work because they have all the necessary equipment and experience required for doing this job successfully.